The Book and Life Podcast

Scottish writer who sits down with people from Entertainment business through to the authors themselves to discuss books, fantasy world and what their lives are really like.

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Salinee Goldenberg Debues

Monday Mar 11, 2024

Monday Mar 11, 2024

Hello All, 
Welcome fellow gamer and writer Salinee Goldenberg. She is stopping by to talk writing, gaming and the wonders of Fantasy writing. She even talks about her trips into Sci-Fiction. 

Julie Swanson Joins Us

Monday Mar 04, 2024

Monday Mar 04, 2024

Hello lets welcome the thoughtful, deep and soulful writer Julie Swanson. She is going to share some of her amazing work with us. She has so much to share with us and I was truly delighted that she was able to join us today. 

E J Mellow Joins Us

Monday Feb 26, 2024

Monday Feb 26, 2024

Everyone please welcome the incredible and very talented E J Mellow to the show. Its an honor to showcase her today and I can't wait to share this conversation with you. 

Monday Feb 19, 2024

Everyone please welcome the incredible writer and woman of the hour, Dani Atkins who is joining us today for a chat on books, writing and her upcoming release. 

Lesley Krueger Joins Us

Monday Feb 12, 2024

Monday Feb 12, 2024

Welcome the wonderful and talented Lesley Krueger, who will join us for a detailed chat on books, writing, and other great topics you will enjoy. 

Sunday Feb 04, 2024

Step into the world of literature with Sarah Sheridan, a brilliant author and a veteran photographer, as she takes an in-depth look into her latest book, 'The Secrets of Blythswood  Square'. Set against the backdrop of 1846 Glasgow, Sarah offers a fresh perspective on Victorian era in this episode of the Book and Life podcast.
Dive deep into the heart of Glasgow, a historic city known for its culture and resilience, and learn how it inspired Sarah's storytelling. In an exploration of themes such as religion and women roles, Sarah recounts the impacts of historical campaigns like Frederick Douglass' ‘Give Back the Money’ on her work.
Engage in a riveting discussion on the challenges and joys of the writing process, from understanding and maintaining a natural writing pace to the varied experiences of drafting and revising a creative piece. Navigate the complexities of character development with insights into how backstories and significant historical contexts play vital roles in crafting believable narratives.
Understand the demands of the competitive writing world as Sara shares her tactics to maintain focus on her projects while constantly producing fresh content. The episode touches on her remarkable journey as a dyslexic author, discussing her unique editing methods and her resolute spirit. It's an enriching conversation that reveals Sara's upcoming projects and her thoughts on the legacy writers leave behind.

Monday Nov 27, 2023

Chris Aslan and I talk way more than books, we get into textiles, clothing, and his new book. This was a great, fun chat with more to come..

Jayne Cowie stops by

Monday Nov 20, 2023

Monday Nov 20, 2023

Hello all, 
Jayne Cowie stops by and we have a great chat about books, life, and writing. I feel this is a great podcast for newbies and writers who have been doing this for a while. 

Hester Musson makes a splash

Monday Nov 13, 2023

Monday Nov 13, 2023

Hello all, 
Let's welcome the incredibly talented Hester Musson to the Bok and Life Podcast today. She has some serious skills as a writer and could be this generation's next Catherine Cookson. 

Monday Nov 06, 2023

Hello all, welcome the icon writer Denzil Meyrick as we talk books, life, writing, and many other things in this quick, swift, and fun thirty-minute episode. It's not one to be missed. 



Kristal Fleming hosts a sit-down conversation about books, the life of those who work in the Entertainment world or are shattering glass ceilings in the literary or entertainment world. All the opinions of guests are their own as well as Kristal's. 

You will find something for everyone, we have children's novelists, crime authors, producers of TV and features. We have book reviewers and even conversations with wrestlers as they also have lives outside the stories they tell in the ring. This is about empowering all and being inclusive. 

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